Stainless steel 
BELT conveyors

Conveyors of this series are used in the pharmaceutical and food industries in places where the transported product directly touches the conveyor elements.

The carrier of the transported items in these conveyors are various types of transport belts. The material of the belts is standard FDA-approved PVC, PU intended for contact with food products, and the belts may have laminated edges.  

The design of the working part is made in such a way as to minimize the risk of deposition and accumulation of dirt and bacteria. The load-bearing elements of this series of conveyors are made of 1.4301 steel. At the customer's request, they can also be made in other steel grades. When washing the device, the structure is made in such a way that the liquid flows down it without stopping.
The drives used in these conveyors are selected depending on the application, with particular caution to the functional requirements, while maintaining the economics of the solution. It is possible to use a painted drive with a standard IP 54 tightness, covered with a stainless steel cover, which is an economical solution, as well as with drives with increased IP class, the so-called aseptic gear motors and stainless steel gear motors with IP 66 tightness.
In order to maintain the appropriate degree of tightness for the entire application, we also offer power and control systems made according to many standards, with a degree of tightness up to IP 65.

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