Movlink Polska is a leading manufacturer of conveyors with a specific configuration. Our offer includes conveyors that allow the transport of various types of products with variable parameters. As a result of many years of experience, we produce transport systems according to individual customer needs. We offer both simple transport systems used in small applications, as well as complex lines equipped with complex control systems and logic. We provide assembly services at the customer's site along with commissioning the entire system, which is built by our company. The biggest advantage of using our systems is the possibility to expand or change configuration in an easy way.

Automatic, dynamic carton turntable

The system performs dynamic rotation of finished orders packed in boxes. The turntable system operates dynamically. For safety reasons, light curtains with "fingertip" resolution, as well as blanking and muting functions, are used. During entry, the curtain deactivates, which allows the cardboard box to enter, then the system waits for the safety system to be activated (a necessary condition for rotation). Whereas, at time of departure the whole cycle is repeated. The control system is equipped with recipes that contain information on the size of packages and the rotation.

Automatic transport and distribution system

A transport system consisting of 4 belt conveyors, a roller transfer and a gravity conveyor allowing the collection of a semi-finished product from a previous assembly process and storing it in a way that allows it to be adjusted to the efficiency of the next production process. Division into a larger number of belt conveyors and linking their operation to a properly programmed PLC controller allows for a cascade change in speed depending on the line's occupancy and the speed of receipt of semi-finished products by the staff. In order to ensure safe conditions at the operator's workplace, assuming a short cycle time, this zone, in addition to fixed covers, was secured with safety curtains.

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